Entrevista Prodipel

PRODIPEL is a Spanish company specialized in the beauty sector with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, PRODIPEL has developed the Global System methodology, achieving to be the professional solution without surgery for the best aesthetic, health and wellness centers. It currently enjoys strong growth, thanks to which, in addition to covering the entire Galician territory, it is present in a large number of centers distributed throughout the peninsula and abroad. Its business model and commercial policy is undoubtedly the main reason for its expansion. PRODIPEL coordinates with more companies presenting a comprehensive solution, offering products and services in three main areas: aesthetics, appliances and hairdressing, with the aim of achieving physical and mental well-being for the final consumer. For this reason, COSMÉTICOS PRODIPEL has a wide range of brands, products and equipment to cover all the needs of companies and professionals.

1. What opinion do you have on the hands and feet sector in your area of action?

The hands and feet sector in our area of operation is a very popular sector both for people who start in the world of aesthetics and for those who seek to advance and renew themselves according to the needs of their clients. This situation makes it an essential requirement to work with professionals and with quality products. Making a difference with a line like Greenik is what allows us to grow in a very competitive sector.

2. What has motivated you to choose Greenik for your distribution?

Our company only works with the best professionals, we seek quality in all our services and, therefore, we seek a brand like Greenik. In a situation like the current one where more and more nail and foot centers are opened, it is necessary to have good products and professionals.

3. Now that you work and know the brand that you like the most in Greenik’s concept?

Greenik guarantees the quality of its products, but is also continually working to find the needs of the end customer. This is a sector that is constantly advancing and it is necessary to be up-to-date, work to look for trends and be able to provide it to our clients is what makes Greenik a competitive line.

4. What advice would you give professionals to work with the Greenik concept?

Today, many centers or even individuals work in this sector without having the minimum hygiene requirements necessary to guarantee the safety of customers. Greenik, in all its products, guarantees their quality and, above all, their safety.