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Manicure trends 2023. Your nails always on trend

2023 is coming on strong. From Greenik Cosmetics we want to present you the manicure trends 2023 that will mark this season. It comes full of colors and transgressive designs, but without forgetting the renewed and timeless classics. For example the
French manicure
which extends to the world of color, giving a new touch to the most classic manicure par excellence.

On the other hand, we would like to highlight the touches of glitter and
nails fantasy
that we are in love with, perfect for spring 2023 manicure design. In addition to manicures with minimalist designs ideal for all kinds of occasions.

But there will also be the classics that never fail: black and brown manicures, red and pastel shades, or more daring choices such as our fantasy colors with glitter and lots of creativity. In today’s post we tell you everything you need to know about manicure trends 2023 to dazzle with your nails.

Manicure trends 2023

viva magenta

Viva Magenta: Color 2023

The nail trend 2023 starts, of course, with the pantone of 2023: Viva Magenta.

According to the Pantone Color Institute it is “a very unconventional shade for a very unconventional year. A beautiful color that vibrates with a lot of energy. Descending straight from the red family, it expresses a strong signal of strength and power, but also represents tranquility, connection and confidence.”

A must-have for this year.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish P024

Black nails

At the beginning of the year, lovers of dark black nails can have a multitude of variations and combinations, where they can give free rein to their creativity in the designs: fun, elegant, daring… even being able to play with white tones to make contrasts or give light to this wonderful manicure.

To achieve this manicure we used Gel Polish W002, Gel Polish W001 and Top DOT BLACK.

Uñas blancas y negras

French manicure

The manicure classic will remain on trend this 2023, although this year it arrives with many variations. If you still want to wear the classic manicure, there is nothing better than a very thin line on short and very elegant nails.

If, on the other hand, you want to modernize this manicure, go for more techno designs, with straight and angular lines, on long and square nails.

Also, if you add colors with transparency, so much the better.

To achieve this manicure we used Gel Polish R023 on the tips.

Red and pink manicure

Manicures in red and pink, with curved and abstract line designs, are promising in 2023. Although we know that this combination is risky and not for all tastes, it is not a problem, since the colors separately will also be favorites.

The classic red semi-permanent nails combine versatility, timelessness and elegance. Pink semi-permanent nails never go out of fashion and bring sweetness to the hands that wear them.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish P023 and the Top MILKY

manicura rojo y rosa
manicura marron

Brown nails

Chocolate brown manicure, gradient nails, mocha tone, cream tone… autumn 2022 will continue, at least, during the first months of the year. A palette of elegant colors that never go out of style.

On short or long nails, combined with 3D details on your nails, it is going to be the winning trend at the beginning of the year.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish C005

Warm lavender

A warmer version of the summer tone that is also betting big on being a trendy version for this 2023. It is a very easy to wear, sweet, warm and, above all, flattering color.

Wear it also on short, natural nails. It will become the best ally to rejuvenate your hands.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish L016

mani malva

Manicures with minimalist designs

For this manicure we played with dots, lines and geometric shapes to achieve minimalist designs, but with an original and different touch.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish Y001 and the basic W005.

Shiny details

These nails with a natural base decorated with glitter are going to be another of the big stars of the 2023 season.

In this case, they are usually worn with gel and acrylic nails.

To achieve this manicure we have used the Gel Polish O002, Gel Polish N006 and the new Top SILVER FLAKES.

manicura brillante uñas tendencia 2023

Nails with rhinestones

From stones to pins, nails are dressed up for the 2023 season with different options that will turn your manicure into an experience.

It’s a quick and easy way to turn a plain glaze into a work of art.

To conclude, we note that these manicure trends 2023 are going to mark a big change when it comes to your nail designs. Playing with risky and very colorful designs, it is intended to give a twist to the established concepts in terms of nail style. And we couldn’t like it better.

And you, which manicure do you prefer? do you have any doubts about how to use the different techniques needed to achieve the best results?

Contact us and we will help you achieve your perfect finish.