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Hygiene in beauty salon. Take care of your customers’ health

Care for hygiene in the beauty salon

To take care of hygiene in the beauty salon, Greenik has launched its Elemental Line based on the concept of Manicure and Pedicure with maximum asepsis . Disposable tools are used in order to eliminate the possible risks of contagion of diseases among manicure and pedicure professionals.

We know that there are now alternatives to disposables, such as quartz sterilizers or autoclaves. In general, we know that the population likes the disposable because it avoids any kind of doubt regarding the sterilization of these tools.

Sterilization or disinfection?

We say sterilization and not disinfection because if we use an antiseptic between client and client we are only disinfecting, and this act, although appreciated, does not prevent the majority of contagions between people. Nowadays, many clients and professionals suffer from contagions in salons when performing manicure and pedicure services. There is a huge lack of knowledge about the risks inherent in pushing cuticles regardless of the existence of bleeding. It is common to think that there is no risk of contagion with the hands, but nothing is further from the truth.

The same blood circulates through our hands and feet as in the rest of the human body and the risk of contagion is more than possible. We can see that in barbershops and hairdressers, razors are used for shaving, and their blades are changed to maintain hygiene. If these blades were sterilized it would be the same, however, we would not transmit to the customers that certainty about hygiene and cleanliness as being disposable.

PedicurePrevention comes first

At Greenik we think that the risks of pushing the cuticle are the same as those we are exposed to when using a razor, since our hands are the part of the body where most fungi, bacteria and viruses exist, as they are in contact with countless objects and people, which makes them one of the sources of greatest contagion among human beings.

That is why Greenik has been committed for several years to extreme care in the performance of manicure and pedicure services using
Manicure and Pedicure Kits
with single-use disposable tools.

Analyzing the course of these years, we conclude that many clients and professionals use and defend this concept, but we know that there is a long way to go that will only be completed when this concept of maximum asepsis becomes generalized practice in the salons.

In the meantime, Greenik will continue to fight to convey to professionals the advantages of this concept, which at the same time can be an extremely competitive commercial weapon considering the high loyalty power it produces in customers who visit salons in search of maximum asepsis.

Because let’s not forget that a price offer strategy can be effective in attracting customers but not in building customer loyalty. In such a competitive market it is difficult to grow, but it is even more difficult to maintain growth.

Customers are not kept by price, but by positive experiences. And if, among these positive experiences lived in the salons, some protect their health, it makes unquestionable the power of manicure and pedicure kits with disposable tools in which we prioritize the use of 100% vegetable raw materials.


Our elemental line rewards exclusivity and hygiene. An increasing number of salons are loyal to our concept of disposable manicure and pedicure with single-use tools.

It is not only a product and a protocol, it represents a positioning of the salon towards the client where respect for their health and well-being is the utmost. It conveys high levels of confidence and a high level of customer loyalty to the customers who visit the salons.




Disposable glove and sock kits with exclusive emulsion made of 100% vegetable raw materials from renewable sources. Enriched with active ingredients that quickly soften the cuticle and moisturize hands and feet. Prevents contamination by fungi, bacteria (mycosis) and viruses. They follow rigorous quality control and offer numerous benefits for salons and their customers. Exclusive, safe and hygienic service.

  • Urea – High moisturizing power.
  • Vegetable Keratin – Strengthens nails.
  • Vitamin E – Antioxidant, prevents skin aging.
  • Copaiba oil – Antiseptic, antimycotic and healing.
  • Pre Act/Akorex L.
  • Contains file and disposable stick.