Leg and foot cream. Vitamin E+Aloe Vera

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Leg and foot cream. Vitamin E+Aloe Vera


Organic Aloe Vera: refreshing, decongestant.
Organic shea butter: softening, emollient.
Organic olive oil: nourishing, emollient.
Organic wheat germ oil: nourishing, emollient.
Organic sweet almond oil: nourishing, elasticizing.
Organic rosemary: natural antibacterial, refreshing.
Organic lavender: natural antibacterial, absorbent.
Organic orange, peppermint, chamomile, calendula and vitamin
E, which together with the rest of the ingredients becomes
in a real beauty treatment for the feet.

Formulation that, thanks to the presence of pure organic Aloe Vera gel, organic Olive Oil and organic Wheat Germ Oil (Vit. E), nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the feet, restoring softness and elasticity. Thanks to the refreshing and de-fatiguing extracts it contains, it improves the balance of the skin of the feet and provides an immediate sensation of freshness and breath, helping to counteract the feeling of fatigue after a long day of work or after an intense sport. Thanks to its nourishing, refreshing and decongesting properties, it is also particularly suitable for combating skin imperfections and helps fight minor foot irritations. Its constant use not only makes the skin of the feet soft and velvety, but also helps to improve the perspiration of the skin, thus eliminating the main causes of discomfort in our feet.

The main characteristic is the extraordinary rapidity with which the cream is absorbed by our skin, which immediately reaps its benefits, providing the feet with a pleasant sensation of well-being and long-lasting freshness. This is also due to the special process by which the gel is extracted and obtained, following ancient herbal recipes in order to preserve all the most important active ingredients. It only takes a few minutes a day to improve the appearance of your feet, leaving the skin soft and moisturized, improving skin perspiration and eliminating the main causes of foot discomfort.

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