Manicure gloves l/p 70pcs

Manicure gloves l/p 70pcs


It is a kit consisting of 1 pair of gloves, file and orange stick to perform the manicure. Contains 70 units.

Disposable glove kits with exclusive emulsion made of 100% vegetable raw materials from renewable sources. Enriched with active ingredients that quickly soften the cuticle and moisturize hands and feet. Prevents contamination by fungi and bacteria (mycosis). It follows rigorous quality control and offers many benefits for salons and their customers. Exclusive, safe and hygienic service.

UREA – High moisturizing power.
VEGETAL KERATIN – Strengthens nails.
VITAMIN E – Antioxidant, Prevents skin aging.
COPAIBA OIL – Antiseptic, antifungal and healing.

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HOW IS IT USED? 1. Remove the polish and file the nails with a disposable nail file. 2. Put on gloves, massage the nails and hands. Wait for a certain period of time. 3. Cut off the tips of the gloves leaving the finger free to begin removing the cuticle. 4. EN. Remove gloves and massage hands and remove excess cream. Finish the service with the required glaze/sculpting application.