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New Fall / Winter 2019 Collection: ALASKA

Nueva Colección Otoño/Invierno 2019: ALASKA

Dear Nail Stylists, Welcome to Alaska.

Our new Fall-Winter 2019 season collection has found our inspiration in Alaska, a land full of contrasts where the splendid deciduous stages give us autumn color shows in welcoming the snow to mix with its glaciers every time smaller. Alaska is undoubtedly a source of inspiration but also one of the great concerns of humanity, where the signs of climate change are increasingly noticeable. The Alaska region is one of the main responsible for the maintenance of Permafrost, which is the layer of land that is permanently (perma) frozen (frost) for two consecutive years or more and that stores polluting gases that could be released into the atmosphere in consequence of global warming.

Alaska is not only a beautiful region of the planet, but also indispensable to its subsistence. In the same way I hope that this our Alaska seasonal collection you consider it beautiful enough to be indispensable in your salons.