Full ROCK’GEL application protocol.

As ROCK’GEL is very adherent and durable, there will be little product you have to remove, it will only be necessary to gently file the new nail area, rectify the stress area and sharpen the tip and start with the complete ROCK’GEL application protocol .

Products that we are going to use:

  • Cleanser.
  • Half moon file.

Steps to follow:

  1. Disinfect nails.
  2. File long and shape the nail.
  3. For maintenance or refilling it is not necessary to remove all the Rock’Gel.
  4. File contour in order to remove the product if it were detached from the nail. Gently file the new growth area and harmonize it with the product that will remain.
  5. Correct the stress area of the nail, which with the growth will have moved towards the tip.
  6. File the Rock’Gel in the tip area, so that with the new application, the result is a fine nail.
  7. Remove the filing powder from the nail.
  8. This work can also be done if desired with a lathe using a 180gr bur.
  9. Now our nail is ready for a new application of Rock’Gel following the usual protocol (nailprep, rock’gel base, etc.).

With Greenik Addicted always in good hands!