Fast2Work Clear Gel

Fast2Work Clear Gel


– Builder gel.
– Self-leveling.
– Very easy to apply gel.
– Transparent color.
– Extra strong.
– Ideal for medium and long length nail extensions.
– No heat is produced under the lamp.

– Nail reinforcement and extension.
– No filing is required.
– Reduces application time.

SIZE: 50gr

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USO We recommend applying with GREENIK Double Brush. Perform the manicure with the GREENIK Glove Kit. Prepare the nail bed with the file from the Glove Kit or with a Half Moon file. 1. Clean with Nail Prep GREENIK. 2. Brush the nail with a thin layer of GREENIK Rock&Gel Base. 3. Catalyze in UV LAMP OR LED 60″. 4. Brush a thin layer of fast2work all over the nail and do not put it in the lamp. 5. Load the brush with enough to strengthen the entire nail and deposit in the upper center of the nail. Direct the product towards the cuticles without touching and guide the product towards the tip with the brush, taking care to leave enough product in the apex area. With the fine end of the brush bring the product closer to the cuticles and sides. Correct the structure of the nail with this same tip (pay attention to the apex, which should be located in the center of the natural nail bed). 6. Insert in UV/LED lamp 60 “. If you need to correct, remove the excess of product with Cleanser, file and finish with a taco to smooth the surface. 7. Make up with two coats of color and apply the chosen Top.