Constructor color BC04

Constructor color BC04


LED/UV Gel Polish Builder with natural color pigments ideal for French manicure, without the need to add camouflage color.
Depending on the amount of product applied, the color, reinforcement and durability of the nail will be intensified. Due to its hardness, in addition to reinforcing the nail by easily sculpting it, you will be able to make extensions.

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USO 1. Apply a base coat and place in the lamp. 2. Apply a coat of BUILDER COLOR over the entire nail. Do not put in a lamp. 3. Load the brush with a good amount of product, deposit it close to the cuticles, direct and move the product gently over the surface up to the free edge. 4. With the Liner No. 1 brush, correct the product near the cuticles, sides, tips and apex. So that the nail is balanced, cuticles, sides and tips thin and the apex thickened. Insert in a 60” LED or 2′ UVA lamp and the nail is ready to apply Top. If you wish to extend the nail with Builder Color, between steps 1 and 2, apply a sufficient amount of the product on the mold resting on the tip of the nail. Catalyze 60” LED and 2′ UVA. and correct the shape.