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Sun, beach, light, warmth… what a joy!
Summer = Party !!!! Summer = Comporta (Portugal), maximum expression of BOHO CHIC in the Iberian Peninsula.
Mix of sophistication and naturalness in the cover manicure with simple nature decoration.

GREENIK this summer is colored with Boho Chic, a style that comes from the union of Bohemian and Chic, understanding chic as elegant and sophisticated.
Boho Chic mixes different cultures and styles, from Arabic to Hindu to African with environments always full of color, something cool with hippie and cheerful touches.
In Boho Chic nothing goes out of fashion, vintage and modern make a perfect mix, because Boho Chic is not so much the essence of things but the ability to combine different essences to create a casual, exclusive, comfortable and refined style, where good energies and good karma reign.

So cheer up, slow down and relax to enjoy our Boho Chic colors.


  • MAGAZINE DIRECTOR: Fátima Canelas González.
  • ART AND DESIGN: David Casaseca Díaz.
  • NAIL STYLING: Fátima Canelas González. Natalia C. Domaine.
  • MODELS: Belén Pocostales, Eva da Silva, Isabel Rejano García, Aicha El Hadi, Kenia Elizabeth, Raquel Guirado and Ana Hernández.


To the models for their attitude, professionalism and joy.
To Café Bar Rincón Nazarí in Badajoz for their attention and availability.


Boho Chic