Infecciones a través de las manos

Did you know that 80% of infections are spread through the hands?

According to the portal of doctors and patients, keeping hands clean can prevent the spread of diseases in all daily areas, as recalled by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine.

Given the increase in the number of people in Spain affected by the A / H1N1 virus, the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) insists on the importance of complying with a series of recommendations to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Health begins with good individual hygiene, and handwashing is the first phase and one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of most infectious diseases.

Diseases by contagion of touch:

From Greenik we ask you, do you have proper hygiene in your beauty center to avoid this type of infection ?. What are the measures you use?

Hand washing protects from 200 diseases.

A correct hand washing always involves the use of water at any temperature and soap or gel, as well as the “thorough” rubbing of both sides of the hands, fingers, space between the fingers and under the nails for at least 20 seconds, then proceeding to a complete rinse that removes all the dirt.

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