Gel polish colors with a subtle, cat eye, and elegant effect that is achieved in a way
simple, when passing a magnet on the surface of the nail drags
the magnetized particles that the product has incorporated.

Steps to follow

  1. After the base, apply a first coat of the chosen Cat Eye color.
  2. Insert in a 30 “LED or 2 ‘UVA lamp.
  3. Apply a second coat of Cat Eye.
  4. Before carrying a catalytic lamp, bring a magnet about 3 mm from the nail surface, so that when you move it over it, drag the magnetized particles of the product and thus achieve the desired effect.
  5. Insert in a 30 “LED or 2 ‘UVA lamp.
  6. Apply Top or Top & Go Greenik.
  7. Insert in a 30 “LED or 2 ‘UVA lamp.

Cat Eye, now you can show off your nails!

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