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Rock’Gel is the newest and most advanced nail sculpting system. Product that results from the perfect combination of gel and acrylic (acrygel or polygel) to sculpt the nail with a great result in a shorter application time. Strong, durable and easy to file are some of the attributes of this collection.

Acrygel is a blend of polymers and oligomers, acrylic polymers, and U.V gel oligomers.

  • Latest generation product.
  • Ideal product for the reinforcement, extension and beautification of the nails.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Incredible hardness.
  • Does not harm the nail.
  • It is molded without resistance and without overflows.
  • It allows you to work with peace of mind because it does not dry until it is placed in a lamp.
  • Allows you to create sculptural nails effortlessly.

Advantages compared to acrylic and gel systems:

  • No primer.
  • Does not deteriorate the nail when removing.
  • Faster = More profitable.
  • Catalyzes in LED lamp, 60 seconds.
  • No waste of product.

Advantages regarding the acrylic system:

  • No allergens (not montoneros).
  • No smell.
  • Control over catalysis / drying.
  • You don’t need much filing.
  • Does not mix.
  • Natural result.
  • Does not yellow or age.
  • Does not come off in cuticle and laterals.
  • No feeling of heat and heaviness.

Advantages compared to the gel system:

  • Greater hardness and durability.
  • Easy learning.
  • It allows large extensions.
  • Cuticle does not drain.
  • Does not come off laterally and tip.
  • No heat sensation in the lamp.

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