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Greenik permanent enamel application protocol with reinforcement of the nail structure with Strong Greenik, a product that gives the nail greater consistency.

Strong is a Greenik Cosmetics product that will give nails a gel finish with the ease of applying permanent enamel.

Products that we are going to use for a permanent enamel with strong reinforcement:

  • Cleanser.
  • Nailprep.
  • Minibuffer Greenik.
  • Base.
  • Strong.
  • Top.
  • Color.

 Steps to take:

  1. Disinfects with cleanser.
  2. File and shape the nails.
  3. Remove shine from nails with Greenik disposable buffer (one side for each hand).
  4. Prepare the nails with nailprep.
  5. Apply Greenik base sealing free edge of nails.
  6. Catalyze: 30 “LED, 2 ‘UVA.
  7. Apply strong Greenik.
  8. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  9. Optional: remove the dispersion layer with cleanser.
  10. Shake Greenik color and apply a first coat.
  11. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  12. Apply second coat of Greenik color.
  13. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  14. Apply top Greenik.
  15. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  16. Remove dispersion layer with cleanser.

Ready to rock Greenik nails!