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GREENIK Pedicure Protocol with GREENIK Pedicure Kit and GREENIK permanent enamel.

The Kit is made up of disposable lime and orange stick and gloves that contain a 100% vegetable cream that hydrates, nourishes, rejuvenates and helps in the removal of cuticles due to its high emollient power.

Products that we are going to use:

  • Kit pedicure.
  • Cleanser.
  • Nailprep.
  • Minibuffer Greenik.
  • Base.
  • Top.
  • Color.
  •  Feet File.

Steps to follow:

  1. Desinfect with cleanser.
  2. Place a replacement of thick branches (100gr) in the concave part of the file and fine branches (180gr) in the convex part.
  3. Open dry sleepers for faster and more efficient penetration of the product.
  4. Add disposable socks from the pedicure kit.
  5. Massage cuticles, duricia and wait (5 ‘).
  6. Tear off the socks and wipe off excess cream.
  7. Push cuticles with a stick to separate epoquin from the nail plate. And it reviews the cuticles laterally to remove and smooth them.
  8. Cut, file and shape the nails with disposable file.
  9. Pull up socks releasing feet.
  10. Eliminate excess cream.
  11. Eliminates hardness, influencing with heavy grammage in the most affected areas and ending with finer grammage.
  12. Remove socks again impregnating the cream feet.
  13. Massage feet and legs to the knee.
  14. Eliminates excess product affecting nails and cuticles.
  15. Eliminate nail shine with disposable touch (one side per foot).
  16. Prepare the nails with nailprep.
  17. Apply foundation by sealing free edge of nails.
  18. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  19. Optional: remove scatter layer with cleanser.
  20. Shake Greenik color and apply a first coat.
  21. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  22. Apply second coat of color.
  23. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  24. Apply Greenik top.
  25. Catalyze: 30″ LED, 2′ UVA.
  26. Remove dispersion layer with cleanser.

Ready to show off your pedicure!