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GREENIK Manicure Protocol with GREENIK Manicure Kit and GREENIK permanent enamel.

The Kit is made up of disposable lime and orange stick and gloves that contain a 100% vegetable cream that hydrates, nourishes, rejuvenates and helps in the removal of cuticles due to its high emollient power.

Products that we are going to use:

  • Manicure kit.
  • Cleanser.
  • Nailprep.
  • Minibuffer.
  • Base.
  • Top.
  • Color.

Steps to follow:

  1. Disinfects with cleanser.
  2. File and shape the nails.
  3. Put on disposable Greenik manicure kit gloves.
  4. Massage cuticles (2 ‘).
  5. Spread cream to the top of the hands and break the tips of the gloves.
  6. Pushes cuticles with a stick to separate epoquin from the nail plate. And it reviews the cuticles laterally to remove and smooth them.
  7. Remove gloves and massage hands.
  8. Removes excess cream from the nail plate and around cuticles.
  9. Eliminate nail shine with a disposable pad (one side for each hand).
  10. Prepare the nails with nailprep.
  11. Apply the base by sealing free edge of nails.
  12. Catalyze: 30 “LED, 2 ‘UVA.
  13. Optional: remove scatter layer with cleanser.
  14. Shake Greenik color and apply a first coat.
  15. Catalyze: 30 “LED, 2 ‘UVA.
  16. Apply second coat of Greenik color.
  17. Catalyze: 30 “LED, 2 ‘UVA.
  18. Apply Greenik top.
  19. Catalyze: 30 “LED, 2 ‘UVA.
  20. Remove dispersion layer with cleanser.

Perfect manicure with Greenik Addicted!