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Color de esmalte VS Tono de pielWe are just around the corner from summer and our skin tone is gradually taking color. Perhaps you are already wondering which enamel color will look best on your skin tone, well let’s do it!

Enamel for a light brown skin tone (intermediate tone).

Lucky! Almost all the colors will suit you, it is the most receptive tone. Reds, garnets, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, etc., you have a choice.

Enamel for a dark brown skin tone (tan tone).

In this case, we are going to take advantage of your skin tone! Let’s get attention:

  1. Evening look: dark red.
  2. Casual look: neon pink.
  3. Sophisticated: cobalt blue.
  4. For everyday life: “nude” shades.
  5. Day event: classic rose.

Now all that remains is for summer to come and color your hands.

#GreenikAddicted is in fashion this summer, meet Mediterranean!