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4 Greenik Liquids for your Beauty Salon.

4 Líquidos Greenik para tu Salón de Belleza.

At Greenik Cosmetics we have four professional liquids for hands, feet and nails. Disinfectant, remover, degreaser and remover without acetone. Next, we explain each of them:


Disinfectant for hands, feet and nails. Cleaner for dispersion layer between the various enamelling steps and at the end of it.


Gel polish remover. Contains moisturizing oils to protect from the removal process. Remove the semi-permanent in 8-10 minutes.


Degrease and dehydrate the bed of the natural nail preparing it before the application of the Gel Polish base and increasing its adherence.

Polish Remover (acetona free):

Acetone-free remover to remove traditional enamel.

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